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money can't buy me love.
Still Major Hiatus. 
12th-Mar-2010 08:38 pm
♥ TooBin
Hello f-list! Yaaah. I missed you all very very much. I haven't been around here in Livejournal. Got a time to check some of the communities, updated kara_a_day and my inbox. :| I really don't have so much time for LJ now. :((( This week was hell weeek. So projects to finish & to perform with ample time T_____T We did our Asian History project just the night before the presentation. Nice Cramming XD Next week will be the start of our Finals -_____- I really need to do my best for our projects & our tests. LOGIC LOGIC LOGIC. I really hate that subject. It's fvcking ugh. I really don't understand. HAHAHAHA!

This coming summer, I'll start going back to Jpop fandom, or if I can't I'll start watching jdramas again. I really miss watching jdramas like hell. I don't have time to wait & see buffer. XD


Will be back soon. Miss you my beloved friends :)
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